3 new faces at Season Finale

We reported about some new Heroes and a new story for season 2 are planning by Tim Kring. However according to SpoilerFix.com, we’ll see 3 new faces at Season 1 finale – and maybe these’re the new heroes for season 2?-,..

The episode will feature a Paris Hilton-like blonde woman in her late 20s, an Asian woman also in her late 20s and a male model.

I guess that Asian chick will be Hiro’s sister or “potential” love-affair for Hiro, but I hope Paris Hilton-like blonde woman actually is not Paris Hilton,.

Social Heroes Wanted!

As we said earlier, we’re preparing little toys for Heroes community. First T-Shirts and Character Map (we’re going to update it very soon) and and now something little bigger then a toy. We want to build a strong community, so we’re announcing our social network, Social.Heroes.

Join Social.Heroes and you’ll able to meet new friends from Heroes Community, write your own Blog, post your videos and photos.

Is Explosion necessary?

ComicBookResources.com reveals Linderman plans for us. They get a chance to attend the Heroes Screening and Q&A at the Museum of Television & Radio’s Paley Festival, and saw a clip from the upcoming episode “.07%”.

Nathan Petrelli & Linderman

In the scene, Linderman entertains Nahan in an art gallery which showcases his extensive art collection, paintings of the future all, by Isaac Mendez and people like him. Included among the paintings were those of the fictional Japanese warrior Takezo Kensei. “We all have our roles to play in the events to come,” Linderman says. “This isn’t just a collection of art. This is a road map. These artists envision a brighter future. Peace, prosperity.”

Nathan jabs his finger at a painting of the New York explosion and asks: “Is this your idea of a brighter future?”

“What if I was to tell you that it was?” Linderman replies.

Linderman goes on to explain that he, too, has powers, which came with an audible reaction from the audience. He’d become aware of them years earlier, and banded together with others like him “to make a difference to the world.” But some of his comrades in arms lost their way. “Greed set in, and we split apart. And all the good we’d done, well, it amounted to nothing,” Linderman says.

Then Linderman drops a bombshell, literally and figuratively: the explosion is to be the catalyst for a better future. When Nathan wonders out aloud about the cost in lives, Linderman counters, “There’s six and a half billion people on the planet, that’s less than .07%. Come on, that’s an acceptable loss by anyone’s count.”

“It is your destiny, Nathan, to be the leader who uses this event to rally a city, a nation, a world,” Linderman continues. And to drive the point home, Linderman unveils a prophetic painting of Nathan Petrelli in the Oval Office, seemingly painted by Isaac Mendez.

Read rest of the Nathan & Linderman Scene at CBR

Tim Sale for Sale

Niki Sanders by Tim Sale

Isaac’s paintings, actually tremendous graphic artist Tim Sale’s paintings, going up for auction. NBC has decided to auction some full-size autographed limited editions prints of original paintings. The first auction will start at 6 p.m. PAC on March 26 and close at 12 a.m. PAC on March 28. (via TvSquad)

Vivi Zigler, Executive Vice President NBC Digital Entertainment and New Media, announced in a press release that NBC was proud of this event as it would not only allow fans a chance to own a piece of the hit show but also benefit the Epilepsy Foundation. This foundation was chosen because Heroes’ cast member Greg Grunberg is highly involved with it since his son Jake suffers from epilepsy.

NBC.com will hold two different auctions. Each auction will feature two full-size autographed limited editions prints and drawings of artwork used in the show, which includes “Exploding Man,” “Eclipse,” “Claire on the Stairs” and “Hiro and T-Rex.” The first auction will start at 6 p.m. PAC on March 26 and close at 12 a.m. PAC on March 28. The second will be held at the same times but from April 2 to April 4.

UPDATE : NBC’s official Heroes auction page

Mohinder’s Web Site

Hana Gitelman send another mail today, she inform us about Mohinder’s Web Page. I think, we have our new toy for next 6-7 weeks. Great place to read theories and actually you can contribute too.

For My Father
This site was maintained by my late father, Chandra Suresh, a noted evolutionist who helped solve the riddles of DNA and protein synthesis through his pioneering work in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Like all sons, I have had my difficulties with my father, but where I once found his theories to be more in the realm of science fiction than of science fact, I now understand that he was onto discoveries that have the potential to create a paradigm shift for the entire world, and that is why I have decided to resurrect this site so his work, at least in some small fashion, can continue.

My father was dedicated to the idea of openness and sharing his research with those around him. In this spirit, I’d like to invite everyone to explore this resource and to share your own theories with me through a wiki that I set up for that purpose.

I hope you find my father’s work and research as inspiring and thought provoking as I do.

Mohinder Suresh

Go to ActivatingEvolution.org