We got some Heroes Season 3 spoilers and a video.

The spoilers include:

* The list of the co-stars on episode 01.03 and 02.03
* Mohinder loses his voice
* Allan Arkush, Heroes producer and director, talks Season 3
*Adrian Pasdar + Milo Ventimiglia interview (video)

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Episode 3.01 – The Butterfly Effect – Co-stars

28-38, Male. Jesseis an intense guy with an explosive temper. Violent. Cruel. A mean looking S.O.B. Recurring Co-Star;

Reporter #1 & #2
28-38, Male or Female, any ethnicities. An ambitious TV reporter covering the news in Odessa, Texas. Co-Star;

E.R. Doctor
32-48, Male or Female, any ethnicities. A skilled E.R. doctor working in Odessa, Texas. Co-Star;

News Commentator
32-45, Male or Female, any ethnicities. A TV anchor on a national news program. sptv050769. Co-Star;

Scary Guy #1 & #2
25-35, Male, any ethnicities. Two scary thugs preying on innocent civilians in New York city. Co-Star;

30-40, Male or Female, any ethnicities. A paramedic administering emergency care to a seriously injured patient. Co-Star.

Episode 3.02 -Dreamtime – Co-stars
African Aborigine
30-35, Male, member of the Maasai, Samburu or another similar nomadic pastoral tribe. A storyteller with great wisdom. Co-Star.

Mohinder loses his voice

according to Ausiello, Mohinder Suresh’s job as the show’s narrator may just have been outsourced — to an Aussie, of all people.

Says Ausiello about the potential Season 3 change-up:

“Someone may be moving in on Mohinder’s narrator turf. Tim Kring is said to be seeking an Australian Aboriginal actor in his fifties to appear in multiple episodes as a storyteller with great wisdom and a soft, soothing voice.”

Mohinder’s voiceovers is one of the show’s constants — why change it up now? Is Mohinder going somewhere?


Heroes Producer and Director, Allan Arkush Gives a Glimpse of Season 3

Last time we saw Nathan Petrelli on Heroes, he was the victim of an assassin’s bullet. Since then, the audience has been hanging in limbo wondering, is Nathan dead? For that matter, is Niki? TV Guide caught up with Executive Producer and Director, Allan Arkush, on Saturday afternoon at the The Women in Film (WIF) Actors Group in Los Angeles.

Arkush says the series, which begins shooting its next 25 episodes on May 1, will return witha bang post-Olympics, with the first and second episodes airing back-to-back. “We’re picking up exactly where we left off,” he says. “There will be some huge surprises.” One change viewers will notice is a new series regular. Though Arkush remained mum on the subject, he did talk about the types of characters that will be making an appearance. “There will be characters coming that you’ve heard about.”

Some of these could be people from the past, like the group including Angela Petrelli and Kaito Nakamura featured in the mysterious photo. “We’ll learn more about that,” promises Arkush. As to whether this will be through flashbacks, Arkush would only say, “We are going to play with time and we are playing a lot with space and where people are on the planet.”

“Villains” will take center stage in the upcoming episodes, as well as the nature of these villains being set loose. “It will be really clear who these villains are,” says Arkush. “These are not necessarily characters you’ve met already. Obviously, there’s going to be a lot of Sylar.” Will some familiar faces clumped into this category? “One of the things that strikes me as so interesting about the show (“Company Man”) was when H.R.G. says, ‘I’m very comfortable in the morally grey area,'” says Arkush. “Think about that. Just like when Nathan and Linderman were going to destroy New York for reasons they thought were correct. And who on the show seems to be able to make very hard decisions and has grown as a character? One of those people is Angela (Petrelli).”

When it comes to grey areas, will Matt Parkman be exploring his newfound power and perhaps tapping into his dark side? “Matt’s going to be flashing someplace,” Arkush explained. “It’s one of the cool surprises.” As for the characters’ powers, he says, “One of the things that we’re going to explore is the very nature of these powers — where they come from, who has them, what the different aspects are of how they each got their powers and how it affects them. That’s going to be a major storyline this year — the actual genetic essence of the power.”

Among other burning questions is, will the innocent Hiro we first met turn completely to his warrior side? “As you’ve seen before in the show, sometimes there are multiples of the same person,” says Arkush. “That’s all I’m going to say about that.” And as for “multiples,” was Niki blown into a zillion pieces? “There’s some interesting stuff there, too,” Arkush says of the storyline.

Most importantly, by saving the cheerleader, have we saved the world? “In this version of this reality we have,” says Arkush. “As the show has shown, there are multiple realities. Every time you change something, every time you step on a butterfly, you could be changing the flow of the universe. That’s the chaos theory and that’s one of the things this season is about.”


Adrian Pasdar & Milo Ventimiglia interview

Heroes star Adrian Pasdar has dismissed fan criticism of the show’s second season.

The actor, who plays politician Nathan Petrelli, said the shortened second run would “make sense” in the grand scheme of the show. Creator Tim Kring had previously conceded that several plotlines were too long-winded and had underserved the audience.

“We had to get through that to get to where we’re going to go this year,” Pasdar told DS. “I think we’ve found our footing again.”

Co-star Milo Ventimiglia said that his character – Nathan’s all-powerful brother Peter – would be a walking dichotomy in season three. “I think Peter’s going to be exploring many sides to his psyche,” he said. “You’re going to see a side of him that you’re going to love and embrace, and you’re going to see a side of him that you’re going to hate.”

Interview taped April 20 in London, England

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  1. Samaritan said:

    Um….(as for Adrian’s response about whether or not Angela Petrelli had a power)….did he say that Angela is “the mother of three on the show that do [have powers]”….uh, “three”? THREE?!? Okay. Hmmm. So is she the mother of Hiro (via Mr. Nakamura)…I doubt it….OR, perhaps (as I have personally speculated), the mother of SYLAR (I suspect strongly he was adopted by his late mother and father)?

    Yes, he said “mother of three” on the show who have powers. 1 = Nathan, 2 = Peter….3 = ???

    That slip’ll cost him.

  2. Fred said:

    He emphasized it when he said three. I think they want us to know that Angela has another kid. I’m surprised the reporter didn’t pick up on it.

    Of course, another possibility, he may have meant that Angela was the (grand)mother of Claire.

    • Taz said:

      on the subject of angela having 3 children…

      both peter and nathan have the ability to fly.. well there is one other who has the ability to fly and i think he looks a little bit like them

      West Rosen i think his name is?, he appeared briefly in season 2 hes the one who nearly ran over claire and they got pretty close at one point!

      i think he could be the other child.. but hey.. just my opinion on it 🙂

  3. Infelt said:

    I think the third son is Matt (not really a guess, that was rumored many times in the past)

  4. Lou said:

    At Eclipse when someone asked if Sylar was a Petrelli Christine Rose looked really taken aback, like oh shit people know. So Sylar as her third son I would not be surprised, I’ve been seeing it for ages now. Would explain why Peter and Sylar are so alike.

  5. Pie said:

    I think he meant Claire.

    Not as in ‘Angela is Claire’s mother’, but as in ‘Claire is Angela’s descendant’.

  6. freaky frank foigras said:

    The 3rd is more than likely a hitherto unintroduced character. As for it being Sylar…. come on why not go the whole hog and introduce Sylars long lost twin brother or some such twattery.

  7. BiLLDoZeR420 said:

    This 3rd season is gonna kick so much damn ass. Unfortunately at the moment I’m on a garbage network and can’t see any video but mother of three you say? Sounds like a kick ass plot twist. FREAKY FRANK good call on the twattery!

  8. James said:

    The storyline’s moving to Australia at some point? I have one word for you – Uluru.

  9. beep said:

    Yeah i know this will sound mad but what about the hatian could he be the third son coz he knows angela. or is that just through the company? oh well, thats my geuss n a way lol

  10. Samaritan said:

    Hatian…yeah, that’s mad. C’mon….crazy speculation and absolutely false. It’s Sylar. They hook up in season 3 and she wins him over by making him aware that he was adopted, and that she is his real mother. He relishes this b/c he really did not mean to kill his (adopted) mother and now psychologically feels he has a “2nd chance” at a family…esp. the Petrelli family…which is a “special” family and right up his alley.

    It’s so obvious. Must I spell out everything for you guys? Geez.

  11. awesome said:

    3rd child… sylar is related to peter and nathan? im not going to put it out of my thoughts and not believe it,. but it just seems too much. i mean there is a possibility that this is true but don’t be going around saying that this is fact ( Samaritan ) nathan could of easily mean Claire as angela’s 3rd “child.” there are no spoilers or hint that theres a 3rd child, it just came out of nowhere and nathan was refering angela of taking care of 3 children in season 1 and 2.

    what makes me to still kind of believe sylar is angela’s 3rd child is that we’ve seen a preview of sylar behind angela for season 3. i dont see any other way for her to escape / live than to 1. team up with sylar 2. shes his real mom 3. use her awesomely awesome power and turn him into a mushroom.

  12. rich said:

    I *really* hope Angela isn’t Sylar’s mother. This show isn’t supposed to be a soap opera, I hope . . ..

  13. Drakan said:

    W0W, I’ve never thought ’bout a 3rd child, or more, that it is Sylar!:O u guy’s think kind of wide cuz these thoughts never hit me before. Isn’t there just a little chance that Adrian told us wrong? But I wouldn’t mind if Sylar where a Petrelli, it would spice things up.

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