Tim Kring reveals REDEMPTION

Kring recently revealed some details about the show’s upcoming plots and themes in his latest “Heroes All Access” newsletter. We have the scoop on what Claire, Peter, Nathan/Sylar and HRG will be up to when the show returns to NBC in the fall.

We’re all very excited about the next volume of Heroes (volume 5) called “REDEMPTION.” All of our characters, in way or another, return to their normal lives after the turmoil and tragedy of “FUGITIVES.”

Kring writes “One of the big issues we’ll be exploring is how should a person with abilities live his or her life. Should they try to assimilate by hiding their abilities, or should they live more honestly, exposing their powers to the world?”

I like that Heroes is going back to this basic idea. It seems appropriate, considering that most of the major characters have grown accustomed to their powers and have traveled throughout time and space. It’s time to see how they adjust to living in the here and now after learning more about themselves and their abilities.

Kring says Claire will be at the “forefront” of this issue. She’ll be attending college in D.C. and dealing with her parents’ split and a “mysterious” suicide on campus. (Hmmm, wonder if that has anything to do with her “quirky” new roommate played by Madeline Zima?)

According to Kring, Peter Petrelli will be puling a Dark Knight by saving people in need but cutting himself off from his family and friends – until he finds a “powerful” new love interest.

As we reported last month, Quinto’s Sylar will eventually burst out of his Nathan Petrelli shell, and Matt Parkman’s role in capturing Sylar will make it “impossible” for him to live a normal life with his wife and baby Matt Parkman. (Please Syler, don’t kill Greg Grunberg!)

My guess is that Sylar will soon set his sights on Angela Petrelli and HRG, who will be busy forming a kinder, gentler version of the Company. They’ll be reaching out to people with abilities to lure them away from a rival faction that sounds a bit like The Brotherhood from the X-Men comics.

Kring didn’t offer any spoilers about Hiro and Ando, but Masi Oka has said that Hiro probably won’t be time traveling when the series returns. Also, no word on the return of the Ando-Cycle.

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29 thoughts on “Tim Kring reveals REDEMPTION

  1. Robert Bishop says:

    Sweet. Does this mean the useless annoying bickering banters between Hiro and Ando will end soon?

    Does that mean Hiro’s will die soon because of his pointless storylines and lack of character development?

    Will Hiro the annoying comic relief clown be finally eliminated?

    “I now understand how to be a Hiro even without his powers! Yata!”

    - Same quote from Volumes 1,2,3,4

  2. jay-z says:

    No according to insiders source, there will be time traveling for Hiro. He will met his younger self. However his headache problem would continue.

  3. Sean says:

    How can Peter be a “Dark Knight” if he can only have one power at a time? Right now he has shape shifting, which only works in so many situations. Flying is a weak power overall.

    I am really hoping they bring Peter back to full speed so he can be a legitimate match for Sylar. Especially with this most likely being the last season (and a half a season at that), they really need to bring it home.

  4. jay-z says:

    No if I am not mistaken, Peter can only take powers from only one person. Try guessing, how many powers does Sylar have? There you go Sean! This is actually a spoiler too!!

  5. The idea of them going back to their normal lives is from Bryan Fuller. That was the plan for the show, then he left, and they took it in another direction, which caused the numbers to plumment. Bryan is back, and getting the show back on track [hence the awesomeness of the last half of Vol. 4.]

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  7. ewan says:

    @ jay-z: Peter can only take 1 power at a time. hence why he said to sylar, “Bet you didn’t guess that this is the power that I’d take from you.” or somewhere along those lines… this indicates that he can only have 1 power at a time.

    I hope they don’t give peter some ugly costume or mask to wear while he saves people. So… basically there isn’t anymore Nathan? Why couldn’t they have just taken some of the cheerleader’s blood and use it on him?

    • Kat says:

      Now see, this may be somewhat of a mute point, but if they use Claire’s blood on Nathan, then I’m pretty sure there will be a crap load of fans screaming to have the writers use her blood to bring back a crap load of people. This is where the rule of “No Exceptions” comes in. Use it for one, use it for all.

  8. Adam says:

    I absolutely LOVE this show! I watch every episode and read and watch anything that has to do with it as well. My wife claims Im obsessed, Im just a huge fan! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give Peter his abilities back, he had the best ability of all and never got a chance to really shine, what a let down. Please bring them back! Every thing else is looking great though, I hope this show last for alot more years to come!

  9. Kevin says:

    I agree ten fold with Adam, They definetly need to give Peter back his old abilities or at least let his new power grow so that he can hold on to multiple abilities via touch. Most powers on this show end up growing, Matt’s mind reading grew into mind control, Claires healing grew into her not feeling pain, Peter’s old ability grew from being near someone to immidately absorbing and using their powers. Hopefully his new power ends up developing into his Dad’s where he can hold onto many abilities via touch and eventually take their powers from them, which would be a good way to finally get rid of Sylar.

    • Kat says:

      I don’t think Claire’s desensitization was her powers evolving. I think when Sylar took her power, he tweaked something in her brain that shut her pain receptors off permanently.

  10. SuperBugs says:

    @ ewan
    Peter said…….
    “I bet you didn’t think I took that one!”
    I can interpret that as Peter absorbing a bunch of Sylar’s powers before Sylar broke his grip or something. Sylar would realize right away what was happening, so I don’t think Peter got everything, but he probably got quite a few. If you remember the final episode, when Claire started peeking through the door, the room all of a sudden started to light up like a Christmas tree, flashing really, really bright. That’s most likely due to “2″ people shooting lightning at one another. Also, Peter wasn’t fried like crispy bacon, which means he had the lightning ability (it seems that if a person has that ability, they are imune to being cooked from it!)
    I don’t think Peter got the healing ability as he still had scratches and stuff on his face……..I’m willing to bet he got:
    Shape-shifting (obviously)
    In this order, because the shape shifting was taken without Sylar knowing he got that one. Sylar must have seen him use the lightning and telekinesis and that’s it…..

    Just guessing here as well because the lighting and telekinesis seem like the most useful abilites to have to go around helping people……..

  11. Cmaster#1 Fan says:

    Blah Blah Blah… Y’now, I can already predict what’s going to happen. There will be a problem for Hiro which will spend 12 episodes of him overcoming it, Sylar will lose his memories/powers, and one of the Petrelli’s will be mortally wounded but will survive the next season. They actually really need to stop recycling following serieses… It’s good for the enviroment, but bad for people. Feel free to reply.

  12. Adam says:

    This is for Cmaster#1 butt slammer!!!! If you dont like it, by all means, DONT WATCH IT. Its a very simple solution.

  13. Robert Bishop says:

    just ask any actor of the show and they’ll say, “we’re going to try to bring back to what made season 1 so special”.

    They’ve been saying that every single season.

    the show has become nothing but a piece of crap. even with my robert bishop powers, i will have no way of turning this show into anything that resembles gold.

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