Tim Kring reveals REDEMPTION

Kring recently revealed some details about the show’s upcoming plots and themes in his latest “Heroes All Access” newsletter. We have the scoop on what Claire, Peter, Nathan/Sylar and HRG will be up to when the show returns to NBC in the fall.

We’re all very excited about the next volume of Heroes (volume 5) called “REDEMPTION.” All of our characters, in way or another, return to their normal lives after the turmoil and tragedy of “FUGITIVES.”

Kring writes “One of the big issues we’ll be exploring is how should a person with abilities live his or her life. Should they try to assimilate by hiding their abilities, or should they live more honestly, exposing their powers to the world?”

I like that Heroes is going back to this basic idea. It seems appropriate, considering that most of the major characters have grown accustomed to their powers and have traveled throughout time and space. It’s time to see how they adjust to living in the here and now after learning more about themselves and their abilities.

Kring says Claire will be at the “forefront” of this issue. She’ll be attending college in D.C. and dealing with her parents’ split and a “mysterious” suicide on campus. (Hmmm, wonder if that has anything to do with her “quirky” new roommate played by Madeline Zima?)

According to Kring, Peter Petrelli will be puling a Dark Knight by saving people in need but cutting himself off from his family and friends – until he finds a “powerful” new love interest.

As we reported last month, Quinto’s Sylar will eventually burst out of his Nathan Petrelli shell, and Matt Parkman’s role in capturing Sylar will make it “impossible” for him to live a normal life with his wife and baby Matt Parkman. (Please Syler, don’t kill Greg Grunberg!)

My guess is that Sylar will soon set his sights on Angela Petrelli and HRG, who will be busy forming a kinder, gentler version of the Company. They’ll be reaching out to people with abilities to lure them away from a rival faction that sounds a bit like The Brotherhood from the X-Men comics.

Kring didn’t offer any spoilers about Hiro and Ando, but Masi Oka has said that Hiro probably won’t be time traveling when the series returns. Also, no word on the return of the Ando-Cycle.

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29 thoughts on “Tim Kring reveals REDEMPTION

  1. Kevin says:

    Well first off. I’m willing to bet the Sylar will shape shift back into his old self, but maybe without his memories & will have to find out who he is.

    Peter being a “Black Knight” is a great idea and I’m gonna venture a guess and say he has more than one, but not all of Sylar’s powers. His new power has already evolved (Remember when he accidentally touched Tracy and took her power? He didn’t do that by his own will. In other words he has control of it now) and hopefully it will evolve again.

    As for Hiro. I’m sure he will get his time traveling back, and we will see a little Hiro, Ando, and Kimiko.

  2. spoon says:

    that site also provides spoilers for nearly every show going,new shows aswell and release dates so i hope it helps

  3. Kat says:

    All I have to say about Season 4/ What I really hope to see happen in Season 4 is: Peter should get his absorbent ability back to that he and Sylar can continue with their Cain & Abel aspect of a relationship.
    Elle needs to be brought back. Sylar needs someone and some sort of hold to humanity. (Say through love?) I’m not saying that Sylar (or Elle) need to be ‘good’ or anything, just together. (Doing the Bonnie & Clyde thing like in “The Eclipse Part 1″ I believe.)

  4. H.V says:

    Can’t wait…I love Peter, but will be REALLY jelous of any love interest he gets :S
    Does anyone know the U.K release date for Redemption?

  5. Jonny says:


    Just wanted to comment on which power Peter really took from Sylar… I think the most shocking power that Peter could’ve taken from Sylar would be his ability to assimilate powers. Remember, Arthur taught Sylar how to assimilate those powers without actually studying the brain (by way of empathy). Peter and Sylar already have a deep connection with each other. They have both shared very similar abilities, they were both tricked into thinking they were brothers, and Sylar has actually saved Peter’s life. This could give Peter the ability to steal this power and then use the empathy technique to absorb more powers from Sylar.

    It would make sense that Peter only took the shapeshifting ability IF, upon touch, Sylar didn’t shapeshift uncontrollably… I don’t see why that would happen. I believe it must’ve had something to do with Peter stealing the power absorption technique from Sylar.

    Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I really think Peter’s going to be far, far more powerful in Season 4. I’d like to think if this is going to be the last season for Heroes (I truly hope it won’t be, though it’s been strongly hinted at) that the writers are going to set us up with a very climactic Sylar/Peter duel to close out the series.

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