Tim Kring Explains Heroes Volume 2 Finale

Sylar is Back

After Volume 2 Finale, Tim Kring gave an interview to TvGuide about Heroes Volume 2 “Generations”…

The fate of Nathan, who was shot during a TV press conference, and of Niki, who may have died in an abandoned building explosion, are “up in the air and will be determined when we come back after the strike,” Kring says. “Things are fairly dire for them both.” Immortal Adam was teleported by Hiro (Masi Oka) into a coffin buried in the same Japanese cemetery where his father Kaito (George Takei), who was slain by Adam, is also buried. “It’s poetic justice to have Adam end up in the same graveyard as Kaito,” Kring notes. “We’ve given the audience no reason to believe that Adam can figure a way to get out of there. The fact that he can live forever makes this the most gruesome of internments. If this happened to any of us, at least we’d know we’d soon have the mercy of death. Not here.”

Witchy, bitchy Elle, who wound up saving the lives of Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy), Maya (Dania Ramirez) and little Molly (Adair Tishler), clearly sparked when Mohinder called her a hero. “Kristen Bell gave us the perfect reaction in that scene,” Kring says. “For a moment there, Elle sees she’s been given an opportunity to use her powers in a good way. And she absolutely likes the sound of that word ‘hero.'” Not to worry. There are plenty more baddies coming after the writers’ strike concludes. In fact, the title of Volume 3 — “Villains” — says it all.

“Sylar getting his power back does not bode well for our heroes,” says Kring, who admits there is one upside to the writers’ strike: Originally, Quinto was not going to be available for much of Volume 3 because of his commitment to the new Star Trek film. Now, with the strike dragging on, he’ll likely be done playing young Spock by the time Heroes returns to production.

You can read the whole thing at TvGuide.com


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  1. Ernie Oporto said:

    So the blood infusion only works once? Nathan isn’t going to just heal? I’m betting Niki went “She-Hulk” at the end and saved herself. But think about what that might have done to Micah who now has lost both parents. In the end his powers were obviously growing: he didn’t need contact with the street lights to command them. Now, he could be a depressed orphan with the power to command our electronic world.

    The next volume is called Villains for a reason – there will be more than one. An insane Adam could escape and join with Sylar. And maybe more.

  2. jake said:

    i agree with kevin mostly but i think it was mrs.petrelli, she had the clothes on and was probably bob, for three reasons.
    1.She knew where they were going and was probably the one who was watching the video camera in the vent.
    2.She still has connections to bob
    3.she wasn’t shocked by the news and was talking about how it had to be done.

  3. Kevin said:

    I COULD have been mrs.petrelli, but I don’t think that they would do that. I would be a MUCH bigger twist if mr.petrelli killed Nathan

    thx for agreeing jake

  4. Kevin said:

    Ernie Oporto I think you are wrong about some things.

    Adam MIGHT get out but it is not likely.

    and Niki is dead she can’t use her powers

  5. Kevin said:

    jake said
    3.she wasn’t shocked by the news and was talking about how it had to be done.

    BUT she told the person on the phone

    “Do you know what YOU have done? You just released Pandora’s Box”

  6. Zexy said:

    Those people who says they’re disappointed with the ending and all random stuff are still going to watch season and like it =P And then probably come up with some bad to say about that ending as well…

    Well, never mind that…I think we will get pretty good answers on things in season 3. At least I hope so. For example, filling gaps as someone already mentioned, and tell us more about that chick who met up with Ted…is it just me or what? Where did she go? The woman who could access Internet without connection and stuff. Maybe not the most important thing but yeah, you get my point…there’s a lot of things they need to clear up in season 3.

    And about Adam teaming up with Sylar, I bet he Sylar would only try to kill and get Adam’s powers anyway.

  7. Ronnie said:

    I think it could be a future version of Peter. Who as come back to save the special ones. Because in a possible future Nathan declaring that there are people with powers causes pandamonium ( i think i spelt it right) And the special ones will get hunted down and killed.

    Or it could be an interesting way to introduce Mr Petrelli.

    Which ever it is a i am loving the show. Its amazing, if the ride every ends ( which i hope it doesn’t ) the end will be big. Every one is tending to forget that. How hard is it for a tv show to top the finale of the season before. Its hard so to build gradully to a big end is a lot better.

  8. Kevin said:

    “And about Adam teaming up with Sylar, I bet he Sylar would only try to kill and get Adam’s powers anyway.”

    I agree.
    Why would Sylar just dig him up and say lets join together and kill all the heroes? When he could dig him up and take his powers. Also I do not think that Adam is coming back. If he does then he will just die by getting shot in the head.

    Anyways I loved that Episode

  9. Carlos said:

    Anyone noticed the close up picture of the burning 9th wonder comic? Monica is holding the twisted blade that can be seen in the background scene of the papertech vault. It’s in one of the glass cabinets behind Matt.

  10. Bagal Pappi the Third ruler of punjab said:

    wtf tim krink? why no natan or crazy girl? you rather kill hero because i dont like that korean

    bass bahuat hogaya hai heroes ki maa ki chuttt or tim krink teri maa ki chuth

    peace and love my heros

  11. Azn said:

    Mrs. Petrelli said that the only way to kill Adam/ Peter is to shoot them in the head or cut it off, but in season one sylar try to cut off peter’s head to eat his brain but it regenerated. Do you think it is a continuity mistake?

  12. Azn said:

    …also peter got a piece of glass stuck in his head, from sylar in season one, he did die but when the glass was pulled out peter regenerated, so technically they can’t really die even if they were shot in the head. Also, their heads wouldn’t be able to be chopped off so that is also out of the question

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