Best episode ever!!!

Yep, it deserves 3 exclamation points. Eventough we are not going to see Peter & Isaac, Hiro* & Ando, it’ll be best episode ever. Just try to not to miss Heroes tonight. I’m not going to spoil anything for you, just don’t miss it.

Claire - 12 Year Old

Here are the questions, which are going to find their answers tonight:

  • Is H.R.G. good or evil?
  • What’s the relation between Claude and H.R.G.
  • How big is Primatech Paper Company?

Claude & HRG

[spoiler]Actually we’ll see Hiro as a kid[/spoiler]


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  1. BlaqMale said:

    i just watched it.. i agree, best episode so far…

    i wonder what that new chick at the end there can do?

  2. Murat said:

    i totally agree


    i m wondering one thing too , who did claude protect or keep ?

  3. Cliffy said:

    there are a lot more questions then just those listed answered.
    Stuff about the Haitian, Hiro’s connection to all this, and much more. Probably the most pivotal episode yet. Once again, DO NOT MISS IT.

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  5. White Knight said:

    Ho. Ly. Cow.

    That was an incredible episode. I totally agree with marc, Coleman deserves an Emmy (or five) for that performance. He added all that depth and layering to the villianous character and powerhoused through the brilliant story that it was only at the end that I realised we hadn’t seen Peter, Isaac, (regular) Hiro or The Incredibles. Kudos to everyone involved.

  6. shauna said:


    That was incredible! I almost fell off the couch when I saw Hiro’s dad. I can’t wait to see where all this ties together. HRG was absolutely phenomenal!
    I’d like to discuss some possible theories about upcoming events, but I respect the setup of this site and don’t want to cross any spoiler lines. Can we have an area or a post for our theories and speculations?

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