Heroes final season?

NBC still has a couple major titles on the bubble for renewal — namely “Chuck” and “Heroes” — but sources indicate both will probably return, with “Heroes” likely receiving a 13-episode “final season” order.

“It is all yet to be debated,” Bromstad [NBC primetime president Angela Bromstad] said. “Both of those shows make sense with the new shows we’ll be bringing on.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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  1. DoZeR420 said:

    I am the happiest person on planet Earth to hear this news!!! Another blog I participated in with this news had nothing but negative comments from 2 ignorant people….they believed Heroes should have ended at season 2 yet they wasted their time 3 chapters later blogging negative comments about it…..why? Heroes is bar none the best show I have seen on t.v ever as far as live action drama goes…..other than that I believe people need to wuit letting themselves get dumbed down by reality shows about celebrities and their stupid lives…Open your eyes and realize talent people and quit being brainwashed into watching meaningless t.v. You wouldn’t read a book about dancing with the stars would you? But I bet people would read some good Heroes science fiction novels. Why allow yourself to be blinded by ignorant media….Lets keep quality shows like Heroes on the air so people can watch something with some depth. Don’t call in and vote anymore. It’s a waste of your life watching reality t.v Please give Heroes great ratings this season. And as a final word I want the complainers to know that if you watch this season and complain the whole time on blogs…your still contributing to my favorite shows ratings so go on ahead 😀

  2. Weightless said:

    @DoZeR420 You are absolutely right. The show is amazing and the cast are so talented. It is my favourite TV Show and many other people’s. Those people that complain are pretty silly because they bother to post comments – if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s a shame it has to end but all good things do. People spend way too long watching shows like X Factor or Big Brother (I have nothing against the shows) and yet don’t recognize this great show. I really hope that they get there 100 episodes on Heroes because they deserve it (creating a lasting series with great plots in face of criticism of season 2) What’s more, reality TV Shows don’t (as you say) have novels to go with them that are as interesting as the show itself (with some exceptions of course). So long as people continue to watch and support Heroes I’m happy. However, @DoZeR420, ratings go down if people don’t like it but they still contribute to viewings that keep it going. I hope Heroes lives long and reaches 100 episodes.

  3. Miah Blaze said:

    I am starting to go through withdrawal… Please bring back the only humans i still like. Specifically Sylar and Peter. I need this dose of unreality. Heroes is the only show I will prolly ever care about!

  4. Amanda said:

    Heroes is by far one of the greatest shows I have seen in years!!! I have been watching the show since day one. And who owns all the seasons up to season 3. I was really sad by how season 2 went. But I continued to watch and I don’t EVER regret it. The show is so amazing because it all seems realistic. People who have “special abilities” who are just trying to make a life of there own and using them for the good or bad. I am such a fan and I hope I NEVER have to see this great show end!

  5. heroes fan said:

    I just started watching Heroes latest season constantly without missing any episode because it rocks! I love all the cast in the show!
    This show is my new drugs. It lets me rest my mind about reality flash for a while and enjoy myself with super heroic action!
    Cut out the hospital and cops jokes show. Too much reality. I like something different than what we can see in real life.
    Ok, imma get my self 3 season of Heroes DVD’s now so i can follow the latest episode 😉

  6. Andy said:

    Great show. It works. Don’t cancel it. Why fix something if it’s not broke? (as they say) A lot of fans out there for this show and NBC is NOT going to find a better show to replace it with.Besides that… I’m in love with Claire. LOL

  7. charm said:

    yeS!!heroes is really a great show.. i loved the story goes its so full of inspiring for me ..wish the show still go on and have a good ending!! all characters do great job!! very talented… i love u all guys!!

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