HEROES: November sweeps spoilers

Rates for local ad time in the US are based on sweeps, which run four times a year: February, May, July, and November. During sweeps, TV series air their best material and, on the hunt for ratings, pull out big events.

So what’s in store for Heroes’ November sweeps?

As always E! Kristin has some (warning…) SPOILERS:

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During November sweeps Heroes will flash-back 4 months to show:

– What happened to Peter and how Elle was involved

– How Nathan recovered from major injuries and burns, and how Kensei was involved

– How D.L. died… not the way you think

Also, during November sweeps, three main characters will die.


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  1. Nakamura said:

    Kensai’s alive and has been waiting 400 years for Hiro to be born for his revenge. (my little theory). Perhaps he’s the ultimate head of the company. I believe Niki’s power in NOT super strength. Jessica’s power was super strength. Niki can somehow absorb a hero’s personality/power. I think she ended up absorbing DL. I think Peter is one of the main characters who will die. But since he’s such a popular character, his death won’t be permanent. The other two deaths likely are permanent.

  2. bbqomg said:

    Am I the only one that thinks that this “Adam Monroe” character is Kensai?? From one of the previous spoilers, we know he took a western name. Adam – first man/first hero? Monroe is a very british name…

  3. Ed in Memphis said:

    I have heard that Sylar kills two Heroes (Alejandro and Maya, maybe?) and that one non-Hero kills another. Who else besides Mohinder and Noah/HRG are non-Heroes who are still main characters? If I had to guess, they’d kill off Mohinder before HRG, but I could be wrong.

  4. Rahul said:

    i too think that Kensei had taken on the name Adam Monroe. I also agree with the idea that Kensei has been waiting 400 years to seek revenge on the Nakamuras, Hiro specifically. I doubt they’ll take Mohinder out of the show, hes kind of the guide for the show. Finally @dRUDATZ Claude is not a main character and he not on any episode cast lists therefore he wont “die”

  5. Rahul said:

    oh, one more thing Adam Monroe is a member of the company (source: HEROES: the offical mobile game) meaning he has to be one of the two unnamed men in the photo and im think that he isnt the latino guy… Also the 12 guy (the anglo guy) was kind of covered up to symbolize some mystery with this character… so im thinking hes Kensei.. also he even looks like David Anders. all the clue point to this conclusion

  6. monkey said:

    I all spoilers for you (DONT LOOK IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS!):

    Takezo Kensei definatelty is Adam Monroe.
    Adam/Kensei helps Nathan’s face become better with some cure. Peter knows that Kensei/Adam helped Nathan become better. So Peter helped Adam/Kensei with what he needed help with (secretly spreading a virus that kills most of the world)

    Hiro Nakamura meets with them and Hiro tells Peter that Ada /Kensei is evil and he will betray Peter. Peter doesn’t believe Hiro and he ignores him. Then, Matt and Nathan come into this scene. Matt discovers his new powers and tells Peter telepathically through his own mind into Peter’s mind that Kensei/Adam is evil. Peter comes up with a plan: After, Peter and Hiro trap Kensei/Adam in a coffin underground so he is trapped and just can’t escape. So, he is technically dead. Caitlin is going to die I believe by the disease in episode 7 or 8. And Maya chooses between Sylar and her brother. If there is another person that is supposed to die: Then, Guess who.

    Also, DL is going to appear in some of the future episodes.


    I also heard a rumour that Elle kills Sylar at the end of this season.

  7. Mark said:

    -I do believe the idea that this Adam may be Kensei, however I think waiting 400 years for a revenge it’s an excessive and unnecessary thing to do, more so noticing the nature of it (you couldn’t just find another girl to get laid with? gee all this ‘true love’ thing makes me sick sometimes).
    -I think Niki doesn’t just have a mental disorder, and I hope the writers clarify this on this season.
    -For the ‘let’s kill 3 main characters’ issue, Noah has to go, he’s not in the Company anymore, he’s just for me, this guy protecting her daughter, how far they’ll go with that? Sylar’s getting annoying, this meaningless killing spree of his, is getting boring. And the third one could be (almost) anyone really.

  8. ixlplicht said:

    Remember the puzzling line from last season when Hiro meets his dad in NY.

    Kaito Nakamura says, “I have been waiting a long time for a Nakamura to ascend.”

    How many Nakamuras has Kaito been watching? For how long? Now that we know the powers of some of the elder heroes, did we really meet Kaito Nakamura at that point? Is it possible we were given a preview of Adam Monroe and/or Maury Parkman back in season one?

  9. wireless...Dan said:

    ok. Kaito Nakamura said “I’ve waited a long time for a Nakamura to ascend.” What does he say afterward?? “Evil must be stopped.” In this case, I DON’T think he meant Sylar…I think he meant Kensei/Adam Monroe. When he says: “Next time you meet your villain, you will kill him.” He meant Sylar in this case. If you ask me, I don’t think Hiro broke time when he kissed Yaeko. I think it was meant to happen (fate maybe), to reveal Kensei/Monroe’s TRUE nature as a villain. Kaito told Hiro the good side of Kensei, his great accomplishments and deeds, but not the bad side of betrayal…I think Hiro and Kensei will duel, Hiro will defeat him, but Hiro will adopt Kensei’s identity and fulfill his meant to be destiny in order to “mend” time while Kensei/Monroe goes into a 400 year exile.

    Elle won’t kill Sylar…and Sylar will only get his initial ability back when he heals…If he gets all of them back, he’s gonna be a powerhouse!!! Intuitive Aptitude, Telekinesis, Enhanced Hearing, Eidetic Memory, Cryokinesis, Liquification, Precognition, Radiation Manipulation AND Illusions. And He can master them extremely quickly. He will kill Alejandro though, that much is clear. He won’t kill Maya…If anything, I think Sylar will kill Elle…He’d love her power!!!!!

    I could be very wrong here, but time will tell.

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