NBC is Likely to Cancel Heroes


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For weeks, even in the face of Heroesโ€™ bottom-dwelling ratings, conventional wisdom among TV-industry insiders has been that NBC was leaning heavily toward bringing back its once-mighty superhero series for a fifth and final thirteen-episode wrap-up season. But as NBC has become more confident in its slate of new shows, all indications are that our Heroes are dead.

Believe it or not, this is actually something of a surprise. Even though less than 5 million die-hard fans bothered to tune into last Februaryโ€™s season-four finale (down from a peak of just under 17 million viewers who were watching at the start of season two), observers had figured NBC would find a way to keep Heroes around, if only as an insurance policy in case all of its new offerings flopped this fall. And since the show is wholly owned by NBC Universal, some speculated that the money generated by DVDs and international sales of the show would be enough of an incentive for NBC to give the show one more shot.

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  1. DoZeR420 said:

    No of course not…don’t bring back a great show like Heroes….bring us 2 more cop shows
    and maybe a couple more shows that follows nurses in hospitals……don’t give writers anything to imagine and the fans something to wonder about…perhaps you could make some more pointless reality shows!!!……I personally will have nothing left on this station to watch if Heroes is canceled. Hope you have a decent future of elderly reality show enthusiast to keep your wallets thick because I am not watching NBC anymore if Heroes is canceled….seriously…looks like this is gonna be goodbye Heroes forums….hello once more finding something to do on monday nights.

  2. Sylar407 said:

    My feelings exactly…boycott NBC PERIOD

    ********NUCK FBC*********

  3. Adam said:

    Boycott NBC for making completely ridiculous decisions. They are so caught up in corporate BS and $ that they forgot that it’s us, the viewer/customer, that is actually their reason for existing in the first place. I am extremely disappointed in this decision and I plan on no support for NBC going forward.

  4. John said:

    They replace Heroes with The Cape! So we have to watch a guy dress up in a typical super hero outfit and mask. As he goes around the city fighting crime. Sounds like Batman to me! Fans love heroes because there was know costumes and masked villians. They were just regular people with special abilities. NBC you had the formula and the cast to make Heroes the best show on TV and you blew it. If only you would go online listen to your fans and bring back the show and do it right this time.

  5. Paps said:

    i would say peter needs his old powers back. it got a LOT better when he went to the future and took sylar’s abililty. as soon as arthur took them it went boring. and we need more villains or sylar needs to go evil again…
    and we need the episode where ando kills hiro in the future ๐Ÿ™‚
    season 1 was the best though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Infamous6Da9Powers said:

    Im sure its not the loss of imagination that would prevent the return of heros there are so many great minds out there they could even look to the fans for help,if they needed which im sure they dont. Honestly the only reason they lost so many viewers including myself is because for whatever reason it may be people missed episodes and felt lost or didnt wanna spoil anything for them selves. atleast thats what happned with me and everyone i know that loves heroes,and believe me thats alot of f@*king people.just give your fans time to catch up i just did thanks to heroes on my netflix on my XBOX 360.Thanks to my facebook posts i’ve been making about my netflix and heroes i’ve already make $300 on charging friends to catch up on heroes with my 360….how much money are you losing NBC?? bring it back,just give us all some time to miss it and catch up,i guarantee you’d atleast get another 3-5 seasons out of us if you really really tried

  7. Deadpuppy20 said:

    NBC should sale the rights to a company that can actually capitalize on the shows potential.

    P.S. There is no reason to boycott NBC….. There is absolutely nothing left there to boycott.

  8. connor said:

    If Heroes is canceled i will kill my self!!!!!!!!! heroes is all i watch i can not wait for season 5. in next year

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