Heroes 3.24 ‘I am Sylar’ description and sneak peek preview

Sprint sneak peek of Heroes 03.24 (after the official NBC description of the episode) that airs Monday April 20. Starring in this sneak peek: Matt, Baby Matt, Hiro and Ando. And Matt’s (ex?) wife!

Sylar’s new ability begins to take its toll on him – Emmy award-winner Zeljko Ivanek guest stars — Sylar (Zachary Quinto) continues his unusual partnership and begins to have an unexpected identity crisis. Hiro (Masi Oka) and Ando (James Kyson Lee) take measures toward bringing down Building 26. Meanwhile, Matt’s (Greg Grunberg) new found fatherhood changes his priorities. Elsewhere, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) sets a plan in motion to right the wrongs of his government operation. Jack Coleman, Hayden Panettiere, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Cristine Rose and Milo Ventimiglia also star. Noah Gray-Cabey, Lisa Lackey and Ellen Greene also guest star.

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  1. yataaaa said:

    i wonder what matt is going to do to protect his family. I know danko is going to get after him for what he did with that hooker. haha which i thought was hilarious. one thing that is making me pissed is i know the writers know that everyone wants to see peter get his powers back but they have a new season comming up and not so good ratings so i bet they tease us with something about peter in that redemption clip they are going to show us. i bet you peter gets his powers back or some form of it back real soon next season, that is if he doesnt die in the finale.

  2. Sean said:

    Seems pretty obvious that baby Matt will give Peter his full power back, in the same way that he gave Hiro some of his back.

    I would bet that he still needs to touch people to get it (instead of just being near them), but that he will be able to hold on to more than one at a time. They have to have a character that is at least as powerful as Sylar.

    • Mark said:

      Sean I agree with you that baby Matt will give Peter his power back.

      If you remember back to series one, 4 years in the future, Sylar is standing addressing the country posing as Nathan. This is exactly what happened at the end of the last episode. Looks like that future is coming true!

      • Altes said:

        Ha ha baby didn’t xDDD
        and it’s about time Sylar died. his storyline is getting pretty boring.

      • yataaaa said:

        sylar said in the last episode that he is not going to be nathan.

  3. Dylan said:

    i reckon that claude–the invisible man from season one–is going to come back and since he dealt with peter the first time and is familiar with that ability he might be the one to try and show peter how to get his complete ability back——–maybe because with all the fighting and the betrayal peter has lost his empathetic nature which is the key to his power

  4. JP said:

    My guess about who’s coming back is Isaac (because there’s been some buzz about him coming back a while ago)or Meredith (because the producers said that someone blond who we thought was dead is coming back during the end of volume 3)…

    I hope they make Micah a mainstay again. And I hope Monica isn’t too far behind him. The girls have been biting the dust hard this season

    My theory on how Hiro and Peter get their old powers back? Ando+Matt jr.

    • K said:

      They’ve been talking about Tracy coming back. So I’m sure the blonde you’re referring to is her.

  5. JP response said:

    i would be really suprised if isacc came back cos last time i saw him, his head was cut. clean off. 🙁

    • hg1399 said:

      No, Isaca wanted to die. He wanted to be hero, he shew the other heroes how to kill Sylar and he paint his death and saw it as destiny. They would bring him back.
      My guess is it is either:
      – Elle
      – Simbone

      • yataaaa said:

        do you guys not watch the show? these people died! elle is dead cut open by her bff sylar and simone was shot twice and died in that episode in peters arms. man get a clue.

      • Altes said:

        Simbone ha ha nicely mispelled)))))
        unless she can clone herself, she won’t come back.
        Tracy returns – this is certain. Meredith? I heard she will appear in Volume 5 for a short period. of Claude, Monica, West and others I know nothing.
        maybe Jessica?

  6. gorge2a said:

    Monica and Claude will be back for the finale, Nathan will be killed the comming episode so obvious

  7. kohaxx said:

    I’ve seen the released screens for the episode and I actually think Nathan doesn’t die. It looks like Danko captures him and tells Sylar not to kill him. I’m at least hoping he doesn’t die because they did tease us with seeing his kids and family again and at least one of them having powers. Nathan’s a better character than Mohinder and some of the others on the show too :/

    I wonder if Matt is going to decide to focus on his family and flee the country turning his back on his friends because he doesn’t want to leave his kid without a father like his dad did to him. If he tries to kill Danko it would only make things worse, and if he tries to join them they would never allow him to join the capturing efforts.

    It does seem like this volume is all buildup for 5 years gone haha.

  8. Nemesis said:

    nathan isnt gonna die next episode
    you can clearly see that he stars in the episode description from nbc of the last episode (An Invisible Thread)

    • K said:

      Not really. It could be Sylar shapeshifting into him. But either way I don’t want Nathan to die. It’d be too obvious and the guy’s died enough times.

  9. Robert Bishop said:

    we all know that barbara, tracy, nikki, jessica, charlie, claude, monica, caitlin, yaiko, Molly walker, West, Arthur Petrelli, Adam Monroe, Knox, The German, Jesse, Robert Bishop (yours truly), Linderman, Alice, Kaito, Mr. Thompson, Echo, Daphne, Elle, Eden, Flint, Meredith will be back in the finale. Ivan from Russia will lead the path, but it’s Candice that will control the environment. Chandra Sureth will fall into their powers, and future Hiro will come back in time warning the Haitian of his unexpected danger. Utsu will be brought back to life by Jesse, and Dpahne learns how to fly by nemesis Hiro. Hiro resists the temptation of turning back, like Evil Ryu in the streetfighter series, but understands that’s how spider man needed to become. The side effect of all this is D. L Hawkins will emerge from the volcano lava of Mt. Fuji and become able to travel through the earth’s crust to seep through back to Coyote Sands. This is where he meets up Mohinder and discuss how they can be the most powerful ever. They eventually learn the art of levitation and fly up to meet up with Piccolo. They enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber where they train with Morpheus. One entire year in the chamber translates to an hour in the real world. They exit the chamber and defeats an android named Cell before going on their wait to defeat Sylar with ease.

  10. chris said:

    i think there is one person everyone has forgotten about who’s going to come back the only person who can stop sylar the hatian ( hope i’ve spelt that right)!!!!

  11. JP said:

    At least this volume has been nicer to specials thanks to Micah.

    In the Five Years Gone timeline, a lot more people died and Hana was probably REBEL if there was at all. Not to mention the commandos stuck around a LOT longer.

    Our timeline. Micah and Ando’s alive with powers and they’ll probably win the war
    In the Five Years Gone timeline. Micah dead. Ando dead. Niki,DL,Candice alive(for a bit longer than in our version) but they lost the war.

  12. Robert Bishop said:

    I wouldn’t want to see Robert Bishop going commando turning things he touches into golden nuggets.

  13. K said:

    I don’t see why I see a lot of people guessing Simone is coming back. She never had a power and never will. She got shot twice and died almost right on the spot. There’s no possible way to get her back.
    Same goes for Elle, Issac, and Ted. Sylar killed them all pretty dead right in front of us. Adam is gone forever. They’ve already stated that his death by Arthur was a pretty hard one to come back from, so it’s not likely.

    I’ve read something about Matt causing the death of a male hero from season one. Not entirely sure if it’s true, but most of them seem to be quoting Greg.

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