KINDRED: three minutes preview

Three scenes from next Monday’s episode of Heroes: “Kindred’.
The scenes:

  1. Suresh is told by Bob that Isaac Mendez’s loft in New York is now his
  2. Peter makes a deal with the Irish mobster to get his belongings back
  3. Claire discovers a secret about West

If you’ve a crush on Claire don’t watch the third scene, it’ll break your heart :( …but you’ll have to watch it because a major spoiler is revealed during that scene.

The third episode of Heroes volume 2 is titled: ‘Kindred’ and will air
Monday October 8, 2007 at 9:00PM (EST) on NBC and Global Television.


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  1. Anonymous said:

    i don’t get it peter is willing to take out an armored car’s guards n help criminals, but instead why doesn’t he just knock over these guys for what is rightfully his…. i am so sorry but they are seriously missing a beat here…. i think how they take peter’s story is so vital cause he is definitely the most strongest hero to date…

  2. Anonymous said:

    now you know why HRG will be so woried about claire’s new boyfriend

    he’s woried the company will find claire through west

  3. Anonymous said:

    re: West “Bagged” – Sonofa!! Sew, nawt fair.
    Well, at least the hub & I have new digs. I think I saw a camera in the shower though. Darn Company!!

  4. Anonymous said:

    so this means claire knew about west flying ability ?? why is there 2 heroes that have the same ability ? nathan and west ? are they related somehow ?? oh man.. this is awesome.

  5. Anonymous said:

    Umar: I agree with you…I love Peter but his storyline here….not very convincable this time…Peter is very powerful tho…

    max: I’m wondering if West is Nathan’s son…OMG…like the way we find out that Claire’s real dad is Nathan! But as I mentioned before (in some other post), Nathan and West fly in different ways. Nathan penetrates the atmosphere while West just flies in the air…or floats…

  6. Anonymous said:

    claire and kenzei
    nathan and west

    they could be related (dont think so)
    if we can beleive people can fly then is it so hard to beleive that people can evolve the same kind of genetics

    the powers are just a manifestation of the feelings, dreams, desires

    nathan and west just needed to feel free so they fly
    peter feels emotions of others so he can copy their powers

  7. Anonymous said:

    Ok Claire and West would NOT be related cause that’s…well just way too wierd they wouldn’t make it like that.Use your brains,did you think ever that maybe,I donno the Heroes crew maybe couldn’t think of another power so they just made West fly?And in the world of television to say it was realy maybe,the earth is populated by an estimated 6.4 billion people I think more than Nathan and West can fly,doesn’t mean their all related.Or what are you gonna say,that they have to be related?

  8. Anonymous said:

    did anyboby ever take the time to watch nathan this season. the whole reflection in the mirror could be a manifestation of a bigger part of his power. The one thing to remember from heroes is expect the unexpected so what if west has a similar power…so does peter/sylar or claire/linderman…we only use 10% of our brain so 90% is the special abilities so people can have the same abilities..just like some people can have the same color hair

  9. Anonymous said:

    peter and sylar dont have similar abilities
    peter copies powers
    sylar steals power, but stealing isnt his power

    i think changing his brain/figuring out how things work is sylar’s true power
    he looks at the brains and sees how they work and makes those changes to his brain
    he could figure out the clocks, we will figure out he isnt in the real world,…

    and i found some more spoilers

    apparently west flew claire to the beach

  10. Anonymous said:

    Peter, part of an Irish ‘brotherhood’? The name fits, but will this role last throughout the entire season?

  11. Anonymous said:

    maaan, i didnt get to watch it on monday. why can’t you guys put it up the following tuesday for me online……why!!!!!