Heroes Volume Three ‘Villains’ video clip

The third volume of Heroes, “Villains’, will air during the second half of Heroes Season Two. Here’s the preview aired by NBC after the conclusion of the last episode of Volume Two.

Warning: the video contains a scene that some might find disturbing.

To view the same video, hosted on YouTube, click on ‘read more’


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  1. Peter Petrelli said:

    another dragged out story line… it took sylar a whole ‘Volume’ to regain his powers. what a joke!

    Glad to see peter finally mastering his powers… ok 1 thing.

    Peter watched Adam cure Nathan with his blood… Peter can do what Adam can do, so why dosn’t Peter think lets try giving him some of my blood?!

    Any way… ‘Powerless’ was an exciting episode, loved it! Bing on Volume 3!!

  2. darryl said:

    Loved the cliffhanger to volume 3!!! Cant wait!!!
    One question? What happened to peters irish girl? did he forget about her? Maybe for the best.
    The writers strike needs to end!!!!

  3. DESU said:

    ok guys, when will the next episode air? Is it true what Ed says? 4 months????
    They can’t do that to me!

  4. minaTTi said:

    Popeye the “Sailor” man…
    Sylar = Sailor?!
    I´m getting bored to see always the same villain coming back at every season finale…
    sylar is old… get us new bad guys!!!

    And, c´mon, Sylar is gay.

  5. Lexindro said:

    What did Angela Petrelli mean with “Now you’ve opened Pandora’s Box…” ???

  6. evil23 said:

    I think “Peter Petrelli” figured it out…….Nathan doesn’t die, peter will give him his blood and nathan will be cured.

    poor micah has lost both his parents now, ah well…..

    sylar needs an evil gf

  7. (james) petrelli (squire) said:

    this is best show on tv and most likely always will be
    and sylar is a bad ASS villain. im mostly a peter a family fan so i would like to see more about the petrelli family go down in volume three . not to say i dont like the concept of “villains”any way thanks for a show that really dose inspire me do be a better man while keepin me on the edge of my seat each episode
    thanks to the writers plz plz plz plz plz with a cheery on top keep doin your thing
    thanks to all of the actors woking on the show it wouldnt be same show with out any one of u guys n gals thanks i hope ur on the air 4 the rest off my life or till i make show about some of my characters watch out tim lol

    p.s we all got a little bit of good and we all got a bit bad


  8. coro said:

    It means that Peter is pretty pissed out now that his bro was killed by the company…or not..we didnt saw the funeral after all…we’ll see in season 3 if nathan/nikki is dead…the thing i hate most is the 4 months break after half a season..12 episodes!? wtf..i know they were fantastic some of them..but only 12?!

  9. peter petrelli said:

    o yay, sylar is back AGAIN, whoo, yeh, this is gonna b a real exciting season .NOT!

  10. UnFoRGiVeN said:

    Come on people. Sylar plays really good his part as a villain. I can’t imagine a better person more dangerous than him. And I do believe that we all kind ‘a want to see some fights between Sylar and Peter. I enjoyed the last episode, to bad that we have to wait four months for the next season…

  11. GreekBrainEater said:

    there is a song from led zeppelin called “immigrant song”.
    when i saw that can floating i just sang the beginning of the song, if u have heard it 😉
    Peter has at last become smart.
    Im very sad about Nathan, but we all saw that the man who killed him was his old self, so i say he has a twin brother or some “problems” like niki-jessica. think about it its interesting.
    Monica really needs to watch all tsaki tsan movies!
    Micah is becoming powerful , he switched lights from distance.
    Matt has reached the top.
    Hiro is 100% good. Thats why he cant kill adam, morality.
    As ive been saying for over 2 months, kill angela, shes the villain of the story, probably her powers are like peters!
    We have much to expect from Maya.
    Suresh is gay.
    Now i want you all to welcome back my friend Sylar! “Hello Sylar!” HE RUNS THE SHOW!

    now about volume 3:villains.
    ive been expecting this soooo long. please writers of the story, do not focus on any past villains. what we want to see is some Sylars opponents. damn yeah! We want some real fight
    peter shooting radiation to sylar and freezing radiation!
    Sylar shooting radiation to peter and peter flies above him!
    come on !

    ps: dont you dare let adam out, please!
    ps2: i bought an ipod, im out of the searching.

    ps3: angela petrelli is talking to the man who saved sylar, hohoho! its getting fun! 😀

  12. ms.anonymous said:

    omg omg omg!!!!

    Powerless was the bomb man! i thought this episode was quite good. so its “villains” now and not “exodus?”


    and didnt expect nathan to be shot. i thought he will die from the virus. that was sooo unexpected! i was effing all the wayy man! and did angela planned to shoot nathan from exposing themselves to the public? did she ask some1 else 2 shoot him? how dare she???? its her own son!!! she matters more about the company (or whoever) rather than her son’s matters!

    and where did the spoiler “elle bringing down sylar” come from?? where did this part come in??? she didnt technically bring him down did she?

  13. The Big Dog said:

    1) Sylar is back – Cool!

    2) The man I saw leaving the scene after shooting Nathan looked to me like HRG. When Claire finds out that her adopted father has shot and killed (if he dies that is….) her biological father – I wonder how she’ll feel or what she’ll do about it…

    3) Pandora’s box is open? I wonder Angela Peterelli is referring to this new, younger, generation of heroes and the trouble they are about to cause the older generation? i.e. wanting to go public, being more powerful? Who knows!

    The next volume is going to be good….

  14. dday23 said:

    Great episode! Did anyone notice the blooper(s)?

    Like Maya appearing with her gunshot wound *before* she got shot? 😛

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