Heroes Novel 77 – ON THE LAM

Heroes Novel Chapter 77 – ON THE LAM

After the voting machines were hacked, Linderman’s former software engineer, Brian, went into hiding for fear of Linderman’s wrath. He decided to hide out in the open and work at a long forgotten hotel…until hearing the news of Linderman’s death and the demolition of The Corinthian Hotel.

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You can download all the previous chapters of Heroes’ graphic novel at our Heroes Novels page…

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  1. Iheartheroes22 said:

    People have suggested that he might have been the one who shot Nathan during his press announcement. It’s an interesting though I’m not convinced. He could make for an interesting character in Volume 3.

  2. chris said:

    Nope dont think he shot Nathan considering Brian wants revenge on the people who tracked him down and since the Company is very likely to be involved i don’t think he’d be involved. And the four people in the Easteregg are not villains, the man is actually Brian and the woman was working with him for the logic bomb (which would have been passed on to the 3rd and older guy, the professor) and the 4th is obviously Linderman.

  3. Sam said:

    W t f, that comic was totally uninteresting and went absolutely nowhere. Can they bring the real writers back now please?

  4. Michael said:

    Ehh..The artist messed up on the dice. The 1 should be on the other side of the 6.

  5. Tam said:

    Those four people have all been around for a while, the young guy is Brian, rthe girl is another employee of Mr Linderman and the other guy is the inspector. This was on Samanthas page AGES ago before the Landslide episode. They where all working on the computer stuff. I have no clue WHAY they are re-hashing all this old crap, but I hope they have a really good reason.

  6. mckl said:

    it totally was not hana because of the gun somebody inside the company who grearly don’t appreciate it’s methods, might

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