Heroes Character Map

Heroes Relation Map

We made a little graphic for you to demostrate relations between Heroes characters.

Yellow Line : Person has a connection to Primatech paper Company
Blue Line : Already met
Red Line : Blood Relatives
White Line : Married / Living together
Grey Dotted Line : Person murdered by Sylar

UPDATED : Thanks for your support, we updated the map by your comments. After the 18th episode, weโ€™ll try to design a better visual for map, thatโ€™s a promise ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATED 2 : Resizable popup code added

Check it out!

  • This is Version 01 and itโ€™ll be updated when it needs to be updated.
  • If you see anything wrong, please leave a comment
  • and finally digg this story

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  1. Diley said:

    I think you forgot to link Audrey and Peter in the chart. They met once in interrogation. But then again if there is a connection in the map that I cannot see because I overlooked it, then you can just ignore my comment.

  2. hecatomber said:

    there is a blood relationship between nathan petrelli, claire bennet and meredith gordon[till episode 17 ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

    also i’m suspected about the relationship between hiro and keito nakamura. (if they made mr. bennet adopt claire, maybe keito adopted hiro as a son[which is i guess important for japanese people])

  3. Jaleel said:

    Jessica threw Matt out of a window so, technically, they’ve met.

  4. Marc LaFountain said:

    Love the map! Great idea. Just few small suggestions:

    * Eden and The Haitian knew each other.
    * HRG and Isaac know each other.
    * Mr. Linderman and Nathan have met off-camera and will soon meet on-camera. Mr. Linderman and Jessica have a professional connection, even if they haven’t met or talked. (These could wait until we actually see Linderman on Monday.)

    Again, really great idea!

    Marc ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Anton said:

    Ted and Nathan to Claire… and maybe add the waitress girl and connect her to sylar, hiro and ando? (she did have an ability). Also, Isaac has met HRG and Eden.

  6. Greg said:

    There was the waitress (Charlene Andrews) that Hiro and Ando met who was apparently killed by Sylar.

  7. Ben said:

    Ok you need a link between Nikki and Matt Parkman. A link between Mr. Bennet and Thompson. And you might want to explain what the white dotted line is. Maybe consider clarifying the line that goes through Micah. ๐Ÿ™‚ Very awesome map btw! Keep us updated!

    (p.s. – You should save the maps that would make sense for each new episode. Don’t keep saving over the same image. Your probably smart enough to figure that out though!)

  8. Ben said:

    Ted Sprague needs to be connected to Thompson, the Haitian, and Claire.

  9. Ben said:

    Yeah it would be a cool idea to put Linderman and make green lines for those that have heard of him.

  10. Mike said:

    Peter Petrelli and Claire should be connected with a red line, as he is her uncle.

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