Tim Kring Explains Heroes Volume 2 Finale

Sylar is Back

After Volume 2 Finale, Tim Kring gave an interview to TvGuide about Heroes Volume 2 “Generations”…

The fate of Nathan, who was shot during a TV press conference, and of Niki, who may have died in an abandoned building explosion, are “up in the air and will be determined when we come back after the strike,” Kring says. “Things are fairly dire for them both.” Immortal Adam was teleported by Hiro (Masi Oka) into a coffin buried in the same Japanese cemetery where his father Kaito (George Takei), who was slain by Adam, is also buried. “It’s poetic justice to have Adam end up in the same graveyard as Kaito,” Kring notes. “We’ve given the audience no reason to believe that Adam can figure a way to get out of there. The fact that he can live forever makes this the most gruesome of internments. If this happened to any of us, at least we’d know we’d soon have the mercy of death. Not here.”

Witchy, bitchy Elle, who wound up saving the lives of Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy), Maya (Dania Ramirez) and little Molly (Adair Tishler), clearly sparked when Mohinder called her a hero. “Kristen Bell gave us the perfect reaction in that scene,” Kring says. “For a moment there, Elle sees she’s been given an opportunity to use her powers in a good way. And she absolutely likes the sound of that word ‘hero.'” Not to worry. There are plenty more baddies coming after the writers’ strike concludes. In fact, the title of Volume 3 — “Villains” — says it all.

“Sylar getting his power back does not bode well for our heroes,” says Kring, who admits there is one upside to the writers’ strike: Originally, Quinto was not going to be available for much of Volume 3 because of his commitment to the new Star Trek film. Now, with the strike dragging on, he’ll likely be done playing young Spock by the time Heroes returns to production.

You can read the whole thing at TvGuide.com


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  1. d said:

    First post finally! I think the epiesode was great. i wasnt expecting that to happen. I hope they arent dead and come back next season.

  2. Questions a lot said:

    this was an awsome way to finish the volume. I loved the twist and were it is heading. I believe the bad guys from the company are going to rise to try and destroy our beloved heroes from changing the worlds view of them. Sylars mentor and new threat for the heroes will bring more light to the dark and unkown company. There is so much to learn about the company and its members that the story shall go on for several more seasons.and I still believe mama petrelli is hiding so much including the truth on her husband. Can’t what till it returns.

  3. joey said:

    I actually glad they killed off nathan. He was a whiny wuss that never used his powers (except to save new york). No way they will kill off Niki, she’s too popular. And TV generally never kills off single mom’s trying to save kids in a fire.

    Cool ideas: going public with the powers, sylar getting all his powers back ( i wonder if he keeps candice’s illusion ability), hiro having a nemesis that he will run into in any timeline.

    Bad ideas: introducing characters to just kill them off, too many storylines and bringing people back from the dead at the drop of a hat.

  4. Simon said:


    So if Adam ran out of oxygen and therefore his brain died, surely he would die?

  5. INTJ said:

    I don’t know about Niki, but as far as Nathan goes all he needs is some Peter or Claire blood and brothers are back in action and can go get Noah, who was obviously the one who shot Nathan since he’s now at the beck and call of The Company to protect Claire . . . hey producers, why not share the wealth so the writers can get back to making you your money?

  6. God said:

    I was really disappointed with this ending. And there are so many reasons why.

    – In season 1 all the characters had met and were part of the big event at the end. But Micah, Nikki, and Monica were threatened by some stupid gang banger.

    – The recap of the last episode was around 20 minutes!

    – You could tell the writers didn’t write the last episode. The producers came up with this ending out of their asses. The speech out at the end by Nathan wasn’t all to great.

    – Characters didn’t act like themselves. (when Noah came home, when Hiro was at his office)

    – So much was skipped and suddenly happened. I bet Nathan, Peter and Matt would have tried to take on the company. Instead they suddenly decide to do a press conference. It didn’t show how Hiro got Adam in the ground.

    – Elle didn’t get to be the bad ass character she was meant to be. Her last big thing was trying to get sylar for daddy.

    – So much left out, remember how Adam and Peter found that last company member. They had to trouble finding her when Angela had said she was in hiding. How they found her was left out. A better reuniting of the brothers was left out.

    – This season was supposed to be about Generations, the older generation that created the company. We learned who they were. We didn’t learn anything else tho but that they created a virus but how? why? we got barely any answers.

  7. God said:

    oh ya and…

    – They try to get us back for season 3 with a clip of Sylar. It’s sad how they kept him around so long. He didn’t do anything for season 3 and yet we are supposed to be glad he’s back.

  8. juice said:

    i have an odd feeling that the guy who shot nathan is actually peter, except its his evil twin or something since mama petrelli mentioned about the pandora’s box. even though it might be impossible, it would be interesting to have an evil twin of peter on the show.

  9. HeroesFan110 said:

    I think the future Peter shot Nathan….
    The whole element of the assassination of Peter is great but otherwise I’m very disappointed in the ending.

  10. N said:

    Well…The begining of the season was a bit boring but got so great at the end. I love how the show branches of so much so it leaves you guessing and wanting to watch it more. I honestly was very dissapointed with the fact nathan was shot at the end. Nathan and Peter are my favorite chars, but also are very symbolic of how family SHOULD stand by each other. I good example of a bad family member is their mother, which we STILL have not found out her power yet. My guess she has the power of super bitch, seriously who says after their kid gets assasinated “it had to be done”…way…to…go. I’m hoping that Nathan will come back, it would make sense since Peter knows his blood can cure him with his blood that it would happen. I wanted Mohinder and Parkman to die honestly…

  11. N said:

    o lol another thing…wtf is up with keeping the guatamalan or puertorican or w/e the hell she is chick on the show? Lol guaranteed 1 episode season 3 will be “Save the Puertorican Save the World”. If sylar gets her power he can kill a lot of people.

  12. Aaron said:

    My hope is that, once this writer’s strike is over, the producers could work on making some filler episodes for season 2, considering how many gaps there are. And if they were to get done soon enough, then they could have the episodes play over the course of the summer.

  13. Kevin said:

    I think that Nathan’s Dad killed Nathan (To keep the secret of people having powers).
    Because most of the original heroes are dead.
    The ONLY ones alive that we know of are

    Mrs. Pertrailli (sry for the bad spelling)
    Adam (in the ground)
    Matt’s Dad
    Maybe Mr. Pertrailli (They never showed how he died and never introduced him)

    Therefore the only two people that could have killed Nathan are

    Mr. Pertrailli

    Some people think it is HRG but, Mrs. Pertrailli does not know HRG so why would she be talking to him.
    As for the Pandora’s box I think that Mrs. Pertrailli was talking about Peter (He most likely will think that the Company killed him and will take revenge on them).

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