3 new faces at Season Finale

We reported about some new Heroes and a new story for season 2 are planning by Tim Kring. However according to SpoilerFix.com, we’ll see 3 new faces at Season 1 finale – and maybe these’re the new heroes for season 2?-,..

The episode will feature a Paris Hilton-like blonde woman in her late 20s, an Asian woman also in her late 20s and a male model.

I guess that Asian chick will be Hiro’s sister or “potential” love-affair for Hiro, but I hope Paris Hilton-like blonde woman actually is not Paris Hilton,.


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  1. White Knight said:

    We’re all hoping that it’s not Paris Hilton. Veronica Mars never recovered in the ratings from featuring Paris Hilton.

  2. Sean said:

    If it was going to be Paris, I am sure they would have left off the “-like” part of the description. Bringing someone famous in our world as a regular character would really destroy the believability, in my opinion.

    I would imagine what they are talking about is a popular socialite suddenly finding herself with some sort of power. Up to this point, the person most in the spotlight that has any sort of power is Nathan, and his is pretty easy to hide.

    So what if someone who was in entertainment news a lot had a power that wasn’t so easy to hide? Could make for an interesting storyline.

  3. ikkiyagami said:

    I saw the new pictures and my guess:

    Nathan will save the day,….

  4. Steve from downunder said:

    with the comment about the asian chick being hiro’s sister i wouldnt think so as we met his sister in season 1 as she got sent back to take over the family business not to say it couldnt be but doubtfull i’d say love interest more likely maybe as for hiro i think that they will keep him in the past an he will end up training with his childhood hero kensi (or watever it was)maybe thats where he finds the asian chick an then comes back with her but who knows guess we will just have to wait and see

  5. heroes genius in the house said:

    hey i’ve been wondering what does the eclipse mean at the begining of every episode and at the end of the last episode in season 1.

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