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  1. Talha said:

    out of all of this argument. i gotta thank “zzzzzz” for asking the question that started this argument! xD. Funniest part is that the preview barely or doesn’t at all have anything to do with Sylar. xD. Roflmao.

    • zzzzz said:

      LOL! i know right. i just stop thru every so often. I didnt expect it to turn into a Sylar forum!

  2. sylaralayinagider said:

    Sylar still has all the powers he has collected. Where did you hear that “burnt telekinesis to him along with his knowing how things work ability” crap ??? Peter went to future and saw a manipulated good Sylar (by the lies of Angela&Arthur Petrelli) who was cooking in his kitchen and after a while going nuclear (Sylar got nuclear ability at the end of Season 1). Not using freezing or super hearing does not make these abilities disappear. It’s just writers’s choice whether to show them or not.

    • OMGLOLSYLAR said:

      you are wrong. Sylar lost his abilities after the shanti virus except telekinesis. the writers have said it. they also said he collects those abilities again sometime in the next 4 years.

      if you dont believe me, go look on heroes:behind the eclipse.

    • Altes said:

      Maybe Sylar regained these abilities through empathy, when he recalled murders and remorsed.

      • yataaaa said:

        that would be amazing but i don’t think empathy works that way, i think you have to be around them to gain their ability. even though just thinking about a persons ability and taking it would be an amazing ability.

  3. K said:

    The writers say he lost those abilities. So we have to just accept it, even though it’s a stupid reason to get rid of them.

  4. brandx said:

    Heh the insults and bickering is if not worse just the same on myspace on this site hehe.

    • Altes said:

      Daphne is alive, as Brea Grant will appear in more episodes. And Matt will rescue her from Building 26.

  5. Heroes Fan said:

    Ando with powers just sucks! I’m so disapointed with this last season, I don’t think i can take another bad season.

    Why did they KILL Daphne? 🙁


    i am watching episode 16.
    don’t spoil anything, but why is Hiro and Ando stopping an indian wedding how did that connect to episode 15

    i think heroes would be so much better if non of the heroes went to the future, becuz.. halo? future changes everytime you see it, one hair movement can change like everything. so yeah, heroes would have been somuch better WITHOUT future shit.

    • superpower said:

      actually im wondering how did they travel to India in the first place. I mean, surveillance cameras are everywhere and Hiro is still powerless…

    • Jackson said:

      I couldn’t disagree more time travel makes the show alot more interesting when done right.

  7. K said:

    So far I’ve seen nothing really wrong with any of the futures. Just because it changes doesn’t mean they were useless. The point is they can try to change it for the better.

    The only thing I don’t get is how did Sylar kill Claire in the original future (twice), yet he thinks he couldn’t kill her now even if he wanted to.

    • Noah Baudee said:

      Well there is a key difference from season 1. In season 1, he stole brains to examine them. He’s stopped doing that.

      I’m guessing that nothing else has changed, other than the fact that Sylar now knows that Claire is invincible (as long as you don’t separate the brain from the body) and before he was still a newbie brain stealer.

      Alternately, Claire’s power might have ripened, the way Matt’s mental powers seem to have been.

      Alternately, he’s gotten soft and doesn’t want to kill anyone unless it’s necessary to feed his hunger. It would tie up nicely with him letting Peter and the Haitian live, even though the bullet that killed Arthur could easily have fatally wounded both Peter and the Haitian after hitting Arthur (i.e. via Sylar’s telepathy).

      Or all the above.

  8. kohaxx said:

    Since the episode has aired I have to say something about the new character they introduced, hehe living in Claire’s closet, lucky guy.

    But the fact that they’re chasing down people like him is just silly, I get it, they’re going too far, but for crying out loud…he’s not even as useful as Aquaman!

    • yataaaa said:

      The hunter and peter square off nxt episode? probably going to be at the end and they both see each other and then it says to be continued….i hope he takes matt’s telepathy and makes the hunter bit*ch slap himself.

  9. destruction360 said:

    I liked how they got the one man who always seems to be prepared .. HRG is one of my favorites .. i like people who overcome enemies when they always have they underhand .. HRG is the only one who goes against “heroes” without having any powers of his own (at least none that they claim) u never know who he goes up against and always without fear .. Sylar has suffered death at this mans hands a few times .. only sylar has always come back .. but come on .. he’s got balls .. now well find out all what we wanted to know about HRG .. is he good or bad? is it really always about Claire? .. they got him good though .. and they looked determined as hell to go through with whatever it is they have planned .. This is getting interesting!

    my $0.02

  10. nizo said:

    did sylar really say he remembers sitting in the waggon at night wrapped up in blankets and the shadows of the trees looked like SNAKE FINGERS??? really… snake fingers, thats the best they could come up with? or was it just a mistake?

  11. Observer said:

    This is dumb…isn’t Hiro the head of a multinational corporation…and the U.S. goverment is hunting him?

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