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  1. Praba said:

    Angela said…someting like you have to do this, to get what u want!

    Maybe she is refering to peter getting back his powers???

  2. metalhed1382 said:


    Don’t know where you heard that but you might want to listen again, Angela said nothing about getting what U want, i listened 3 times and didn’t hear that. Curious question though if Arthur dies are peoples Powers returned to them when he dies, If so that would include Peter, Maya, and maybe a re grown up Hiro. Guess we’ll see in a couple days!!!!

  3. Mudrack said:

    If powers are returned that could also be a way to bring Adam back into the mix.

  4. Noah Baudee said:


    I doubt it. Adam is dust and his ashes are scattered in some dumpster somewhere.

    Even if his ashes “came back to life”, he’d be in so many pieces that all the king’s horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put “Humpty Adam” together again.

  5. Robert Bishop said:

    I read somewhere that if Arthur dies, then the powers he took go away with him too.

  6. ms.anomymous said:

    if u havent already, go to heroeswiki season 3 spoilers. there’s a slightly different trailer for the next ep. and more info on the recruiting of soldiers (with interviews)

  7. Praba said:

    another feeling i got is…
    Peter already got back his power…!?
    But he doesnt know it>?

    And another goes like…Sylar can tranfer power RIGHT!
    Noah refered that before…So sylar might help!

  8. Noah Baudee said:

    @Praba, I suspect differently. He’s still disempowered now, but one or two things happen:
    * The formula becomes contagious, and he like everyone else will get powers but his original powers will be gone.
    * Once Peter breaks in to kill Arthur, he might get access to the formula and be able to give himself whatever power he wants, though he might only have enough time to grab up a few powers.

    I suspect that the second is what happened for “Future Peter” for two reasons:
    1) He seemed fairly powerful in that future.
    2) He didn’t seem to have empathic mimicry, since otherwise “Future Peter” would have taken Sylar’s power, which if I remember correctly, he didn’t.

    Anyway, we’ll likely find out what happens tonight.

  9. Sylar is back! said:

    Agreed Baudee…im going to go one step farther and say that is how peter was killed in the future. He could use the formula to mimic every ability but claire’s.

    *can the formula really create Hiro’s ability too? We can’t have a bunch of people time traveling!

  10. person said:

    actually peter was killed in the future because the haitian was with claire when she shot him, so he wasn’t able to access that ability.

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